Secrets of a Successful Magazine Publishing Enterprise
Magazine publishing is an explosively thriving industry. There are shelves and shelves of magazines in supermarkets, convenience stores, and bookshops. Between tabloid, fashion and specialty magazines, there is no doubt that magazines are a growing market. You may be surprised to know that pretty much any subject, from science to arts to various sports, has a magazine dedicated to it. There are even specialty magazines for collectors of almost every interest – from coins to dolls to antiques – with more readers than you might expect. However, quite shockingly, these niche magazines are pulling in major profits. This might be because of the small size of their market that makes it easier to target and connect with. Magazines that serve specialized niches have a more personal connection with their readership, so...
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Step Up Your Business Game: Become an Author
Entrepreneurs never stop looking for ways to help their businesses and build credibility. One such way is to become an author. A book doesn’t have to be huge with hundreds of pages. People will even buy a short, fifty page eBook if it is full of worthwhile, useful content. How a book can help your business? A book shows that the author is credible in his area. It makes clients feel more confident in doing business with the company if the person in charge has demonstrated expertise. A published book can be the pathway to increased exposure in the media, and it can lead to bookings for speaking gigs. One good use for a book is as a promotional gift to new clients. There are hardly any immediate expenses with an e-book. An...
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Important Steps to Getting Your Book Published
Are you working to become a published writer? If so, you may be wondering just what steps are needed to achieve your particular goal. Where getting published is concerned, there are plenty of steps to take, but some are much more critical than others. The first step is to write your book. Proceed carefully if you're just starting. Don't presume that just any book will make the grade. Research to determine what genres are popular and what types of books publishers are looking for. Another mistake that is very common among new authors is concentrating on writing children's books. If you have the desire to write a children's book, go on and do it. However, do not fall into the trap of thinking that more money can be made with children's...
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