Founded by Monica Davis, the mission of Atela Productions, Inc. has always been to build a foundation for promoting unity, renewed vision, and better living through positive media — to inspire excellence in business and life.

As an award-winning journalist, storyteller, brand narrative strategist, media consultant, and coach, Monica has been helping people catapult their personal and company brands for over 20 years by:

As the founder and publisher of Exceptional People Magazine, she has helped prominent individuals, industry influencers, Fortune 500 CEOs, and exceptional everyday entrepreneurs positively impact millions of people and increase revenue through authentic narratives.

Monica helps entrepreneurs reach their audience with a clearly defined message that positions them as leading, credible authorities that win trust. Past clients have been featured in nationally and internationally syndicated publications, podcasts, and radio and TV shows, including Fox Business News, Forbes, CNBC, and Entrepreneur. Her clients and guests have leveraged their coverage into more interviews, influential relationships and partnerships, and customers and clients.