How Do You Attract Talent to Your Business? – Part 5

Welcome to the Media Mastery mini-series, where we take a look at the five most common challenges business owners face while trying to build an iconic brand.

Your brand is only as strong as its people. So, how do you get the best and brightest to join your team?

Especially if you’re in the early stages of building your professional network, it can be a challenge to find top-notch hires and partners. Since most big hires are made through personal recommendations or connections, it can feel daunting to search somebody out from scratch. But it’s not impossible.

The best news? You don’t need to resort to random job boards, either. Through thoughtful publicity and media exposure, you can leverage other people’s professional networks. The trick is, you need to know which networks to leverage and what will entice people to join your team. Here’s how you do it.

What Network Should You Leverage?

Just like you had to build an avatar for your ideal customer or client (you can read more about that here), you should build an avatar for your ideal hire or partner.

Maybe unsurprisingly, there will probably be many similarities between the two–but also, expect some critical differences. The objective is to find the spaces where your ideal hires already “hang out”–what media they already consume.

Since you’re looking to offer someone an opportunity–and aren’t looking for business–you have a lot more leverage to make direct “asks” to influencers. For example, if you find that your ideal hire reads a specific blog or listen to a specific podcast, asking the owner of that content for any recommendations is more than acceptable. They may even be willing to share that you’re looking with their audience.

It’s important to keep in mind that not all of these opportunities will be free. Sometimes, you’ll need to pay a fee to post a job. But it’s always worth asking influencers directly first.

Use Your “Why” As a Magnet

At the beginning of this Media Mastery mini-series, we talked about your “why”–why you are passionate about this work that you’re doing. When you’re looking for strong partners or employees, it’s essential that they relate to your “why.”

The smaller your business, the truer this is. People who connect to your why are more likely to stay loyal, work hard, think outside the box to make things happen, and see the work they do as an opportunity rather than as a burden or source of income. The truth is, the best and brightest talent don’t just want a job–they want to be a part of something bigger than themselves.

So, make sure that your “why” is front and center. Put it in your job postings or in your emails to influencers. Talk about it when you discuss any openings you have or the partners you’re looking for. Don’t bury it and hope someone with similar values will stumble upon your business.

Remember: to find the best and brightest talent, you need to reach out to the gatekeepers of the spaces they occupy. Lead with your “why” to find other people with similar passions, and you’ll be miles ahead of the pack.

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Monica Davis is a seasoned media coach, strategist, storyteller and award-winning television producer and host with 20+ years of experience in the media industry. She is on a mission to assist entrepreneurs and companies with elevating their brands to the next level to reach more of their market, and quickly grow their business and influence all without spending a lot of money.

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