How to Reach the Masses: Why Publicity – Part 3

Welcome to the Control the Narrative: How to Use Publicity to Boost Your Brand mini-series, where I give you my five strongest tips for taking control the stories told about your brand through the media.

Delivering a clear, impactful, and consistent message to a large audience can fundamentally transform your business for the better.

While you build your brand, it’s essential that you understand the power of being intentional with your publicity strategy–and, of course, know how to implement it. As a media coach, I teach my clients that the stories and messages they put out into the world direct how their audience will think about them in the future.

People tend to dismiss “storytelling” as childish or unnecessary to business, but really, it’s at the core of everything we do. Narratives are how we communicate ideas and motivate action. It’s why interviews are so compelling: it’s human nature to be drawn to the how and why of what someone does.

Craft Your Message Intentionally

Publicity isn’t just about getting on TV. It’s about knowing what you want to say, whom you’re saying it to, and why you’re saying it. It’s about using the media intentionally to build an image.

The truth is, when you create a brand, you are putting messages and stories out into the world, whether you know it or not. Every social media post, media engagement, interview, and client interaction is contributing to your public image. So, to communicate most effectively, know what you want to convey.

What kind of persona do you want to express? Smart and logical? Passionate and emotional? Fun and laid back? What kind of narrative do you want your audience to understand? In another post in this series, we talk about the importance of expressing what transformation you’ll help your audience undergo. Lean into this.

Grow Brand Awareness

Every interaction with the media adds a drop into the bucket. When you consistently share an interesting and attractive message to a set group of people, that’s when you grow a loyal audience and develop true brand awareness.

In your publicity strategy, you should be targeting the same audience over and over, in whatever spaces they occupy. Their newspapers, magazines, blogs, social media, anything, and everything. When you show up consistently with the same message and delivery, you’ll eventually be remembered–and being remembered is key.

Think about it like this. When you see Coke’s advertisement, you don’t immediately go out and buy a Coke (usually). But, it does put Coke’s name and image in your mind. So later, when you’re deciding what to drink, you’ll be just a little bit more inclined to reach for that particular brand. This is what you want for your brand.

Publicity is about more than just getting on TV. It’s about crafting an intentional message and delivering it to the masses consistently, so they remember you. Take some time to think through exactly what you want to say and start building a publicity strategy for yourself.

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