Getting Publicity for Your Business at No Cost

Advertising is informing the world of how awesome you are, while publicity allows others to sing your praises and let the world know how awesome you are. Which do you think is more effective?

When businesses and organizations realize how important publicity is, they tend to have more success than those who rely only on advertising to reach their target market.

Print media, radio, and TV news shows are full of content about companies and organizations. Those with the knowledge of how to present materials in a professional manner to the right people will receive media coverage at no cost, while those with no understanding of how publicity works have to depend on advertising budgets to reach their audience, typically with results that are much less impressive.

Here are a few thoughts to consider about publicity:

  • Media is a vehicle that helps drives individuals and businesses to extraordinary success.
  • One of the fastest ways to grow your business is through free publicity – radio, television, magazines and newspapers.
  • Research has shown that media coverage is almost 90% more effective than advertising.

Getting the news media to say things about an event you’re holding or praise you for your endeavors gives you a high level of credibility that paid advertising could never provide.

The first thing to do when contacting the media is to come up with an attractive news story – interesting enough to pique the interest of an editor or a producer with regard to your activities or what you wish to communicate. You can communicate your story in a press release or a pitch. With a press release, there should be enough specific information and a few good quotes that a writer can use to create a story without needing to contact you.

Another way to get the press to cover your story is through a media alert. It provides the specific information about an event to news assignment desks so that an editor or TV news director will be motivated to send out a journalist or camera crew.

There are scores of other things you can do to attract news coverage. Place feature stories or pitch your expertise in a letter, offering quotes or live interviews.

You don’t have to hire a PR firm to get publicity.

You know your business better than anyone else. It’s just a matter of creating and implementing a well-thought-out publicity strategy and making sure your message reaches the right people.

Want to know more about putting your business in the spotlight without hiring a publicist? Send me a message today and I’ll get back to you soon!

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