Why Self-Promotion is More Effective Than Social Media


Social media is an excellent tool for spreading information about your company and attracting followers, but did you know there is an even better approach that can yield more significant profits with a little extra effort and creativity?

Publicizing your own company through the press and media requires more focus and intention than simply sharing news on your social media channels. However, if executed correctly, self-promotion can lead to more noteworthy outcomes over a long-term basis.

Here are some reasons why choosing self-promotion or publicity can be more fruitful than investing purely in social media.

It is a Targeted Approach

While social media has a broad reach, it may not be as focused as publicizing your company. Finding journalists and influential people interested in writing about your company and submitting a story to them for publication gives you more control over your message and how it is communicated.

If you get your message in front of the right audience at the right time, you will yield much better results than simply sharing a blanket message across multiple social media channels.

Your Message is More Effective

Building credibility on social media can be challenging. After all, anyone can create an account and spread their message to a broad audience.

Obtaining press publicity, on the other hand, can be more challenging. However, if you manage to get your news in the media, it will significantly enhance your credibility and reputation.

Having your articles published in reputable journals written by well-known writers and opinion leaders will help you to establish yourself as a credible and reliable source in your industry.

It Will Help You Establish Meaningful Connections

While social media facilitates quick and easy interactions between people, the connections made may not always be genuine. When publicizing your own company, you have the opportunity to cultivate authentic relationships with journalists and opinion leaders who can cover your story. These connections can lead to stronger relationships over time and more effective publicity.

It Allows You to Increase Your Impact

While social media can have gradual effects, one carefully chosen story about your company can have a more significant and faster-growing impact. While this approach requires more upfront planning and forethought than social media, the message produced can have a more substantial effect and greater staying power.

You Can Align Self-promotion with Targeted Objectives

Clarifying your publicity goals can help you achieve them more effectively because you control the messaging at every touchpoint, from start to finish.

Every aspect of your message and the outlets you target can be tailored to your specific objectives, leading to more focused and effective publicity.

Doing your own publicity can help you create a more targeted and effective approach than social media.

By cultivating genuine relationships, identifying what your clients want, crafting a more impactful message aligned with your brand’s values and objectives, and focusing your communications, you can achieve more noteworthy outcomes and greater profits.

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