28 Reasons Why You Should Distribute A Press Release


Do you have a special event, occasion, or unique story about your company? If so, you should be sharing it in a press release.

Press releases are an excellent way to keep your company in the spotlight. They allow you to share what you are doing in your industry with your allies, employees, customers, and prospects.

When you distribute a press release to the masses through a service like PR Newswire or PR Web, you increase your chances of getting picked up by hundreds of major media outlets, including magazines, newspapers, top media websites, and broadcast TV affiliates. Press releases can help open the door to inquiring minds – people who want to learn more about your work.

You should post a press release on your company website and email it to your lists whenever you distribute it.

To give you some ideas, here’s a short list of possible reasons for you to write and distribute a press release right now.

  1. New products that solve unique problems
  2. Business start-up
  3. Partnerships, especially with well-known entities
  4. Strategic alliances with other companies in the same industry
  5. New or innovative business strategy
  6. Restructuring your company
  7. Taking your company public
  8. Overcoming a major challenge that’s known to the public
  9. Influential executive retiring or resigning
  10. Comment from company executives regarding business or economic trends
  11. Announcement of research results
  12. Major anniversary
  13. Major new client acquisition
  14. Company revenue, sales growth
  15. Company name change
  16. Winning a major award or receiving national recognition
  17. Your company presenting an award
  18. Your company sponsoring an event
  19. Receiving sponsorship for a company event
  20. Receiving industry accreditation or certification
  21. Holding a free learning event such as a seminar or workshop
  22. Issuing a statement on a popular subject that positions your company as a leader
  23. Important, free information available to your target market
  24. Company speaker’s bureau
  25. Community work or philanthropic support
  26. Major company milestones such as a 25th anniversary or the hiring of a 1,000th employee
  27. A new board of directors
  28. A new website that offers more value and better functionality for visitors

A press release is a cost-effective way to reach more of your market while positioning your company as a leader in your industry. The time to start getting more customers and clients is now.

Find out how we can help you position your company as a leader in your industry.

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