7 Publicity Tips That Will Change Your Business


The media always seeks impactful stories; if you give them what they want, you will gain more media coverage opportunities.

There are numerous ways to promote yourself and your business using publicity. Here are just a few tips you can apply starting today.

1. Be consistent in producing quality content. This includes your press releases. Your press releases should have a consistent look and feel to them.

2. Don’t just send anything to get in front of the media. Be strategic in your approach. Reporters don’t want to waste their time reading content that does not pertain to their area of focus.

Even if your first story is not accepted the first time, submit new stories consistently. Don’t submit them twice or three times a year; expect the media to contact you immediately. The timing may not be right, which is why research is essential. Consistency and perseverance are crucial to getting media coverage. If you stay in front of the media, they’ll keep you in mind when they need a story like yours, and it may happen sooner than you think.

3. Always Be Networking (ABN). Find events related to your niche and where the press might be in attendance, such as fundraising events and conferences. Introduce yourself to them but don’t be pushy, and do not ask them for an interview on the spot.

4. Become an authority on your subject. That means staying on top of what’s happening in your industry locally and worldwide.

Stay abreast of the trends that are taking place in your industry. If you understand the latest changes and trends, you can speak intelligently and effortlessly about them when the media contacts you for an interview.

5. Send out press releases that connect your story to local, national, and world news.

6. Be helpful by offering guest referrals and story ideas to the media. If you can offer a reporter or journalist referrals, you’ll become an excellent source of information.

7. Never forget to say “Thank You” after doing an interview. This is an essential “must-do” after every interview. You can often turn a “thank you” into more coverage.

There are thousands of media outlets waiting to receive attention-getting stories from you. Don’t be afraid to get started. Be creative but truthful in how you tell your story.

Find the best media outlets for your business, start submitting your stories, and apply a little perseverance and patience, and you will see excellent results from your efforts.

Find out how we can help you use media exposure to grow your business.

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