Expert Tips To Help You Get Free Publicity


How can you get your story picked up by the media?

Here are a few practical tips to follow.

  1. First, become familiar with the media outlets you plan to contact. Your pitch should address how your story will work for them. In your pitch, tell them what makes your story right for them.
  2. Show producers and journalists receive hundreds of pitches every week, so don’t take “no” personally. It could be that they recently did a similar story, or your particular story angle isn’t right for them, or it might not be the best time for your type of story.  Timing is critical when it comes to introducing story ideas to the media. Ask them if someone else may have an interest in your story.
  3. If, at first, you don’t succeed, try again but wait at least one or two months, then introduce a different story angle. Never pitch a reporter or show host the same angle more than once.
  4. Keep your email pitch concise, and never include attachments.  Instead, include a link to your website where more information is available.

The role of the media is to inform and educate their audience. If you can help them do that, and do it well, extraordinary opportunities for media exposure will always be available to you.

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