The Value of Your Public Image – Part 4


Welcome to the Control the Narrative: How to Use Publicity to Boost Your Brand mini-series, where I give you five vital tips for taking control of the stories told about your brand through the media.

You know what they say: a picture is worth a thousand words. So, what is your public image saying about you and your brand?

When your brand or name is mentioned, your public image is what people think about first. It’s the overall feeling they get–the things they do or don’t remember. It’s the emotions associated with your name and work and the people or outlets with whom you are affiliated. It’s the stories they’ve seen you be a part of and the people they’ve seen talk about you.

It’s how you represent yourself through PR, publicity, and media. Your public image can be a very intangible thing, which can make it feel daunting to control. But putting in the time and effort to build a positive public image for yourself will always be worth the effort.

Crafting Your Public Image

Your public image is about so much more than elaborate media stunts or interviews on prime-time television. You don’t need to go viral or trend on Twitter to build a reputable image for yourself. Those things can be nice but are just flashes in the pan.

Instead, crafting your public image is more intentional and takes place over a more extended period. You need to think about two main components when building your image: messages and relationships.

Think of your messages as soundbites that help encapsulate who you are and what your brand offers to your audience. They should be credible, authoritative, and influential. Create a few soundbites you can remember and deploy consistently in interviews, articles, appearances, and other engagements.

Relationships are how you disseminate your messages. It’s natural to be tempted by big names–I’ve seen many people immediately want to build relationships with late-night hosts or national reporters. But the truth is that fostering relationships with people deeply connected to your specific niche is often more helpful than highly recognizable people.

Maintaining Your Public Image

Your public image will always take constant work. You will never stop investing in it because, fortunately, and unfortunately, people quickly forget what’s not in their immediate view. You must consistently do interviews, produce great content, and obtain endorsements.

If you want proof, look at how many advertisements you see for brands you already know. Why would companies pay for billboards? Why would celebrities take the time to do interviews? Your public image is dynamic and never stagnant and needs to be nurtured consistently.

Try to find different ways to reach your audience where they already are, and don’t be afraid to go back to the same outlets for new coverage. Becoming a recurring voice or presence in a field will only add to your credibility and authority within that niche.

Your public image is precious but can also be challenging to maintain. It requires constant attention, care, and nurturing.

Are you currently developing your public image or maybe reshaping it?

Find out how we can help you increase the value of your public image.

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