Brand Your Company During Media Interviews


Have you ever watched or heard someone do a television or radio interview, and after the interview, you couldn’t remember the phone number even though you were interested in learning more about their product or service?

I have had that experience on numerous occasions.

If you can’t easily remember their contact information, it becomes a lost sale for them. Putting yourself in that position as a business owner or entrepreneur would be best. When doing media interviews, wouldn’t you want your listeners or viewers to recall your contact information easily?

A toll-free number combines letters representing or defining a company’s identity or brand. Because it is a very effective marketing technique, these “phone words” should reflect your brand or a description of your brand or identity as closely as possible.

Vanity numbers are worth their weight in gold. Having a vanity phone number has several benefits for your business:

  • It increases your chances of getting more leads because the call is free to your customer.
  • It’s a highly effective marketing technique that enhances your professional image and becomes an extension of your brand. It leaves a lasting impression.
  • It can help you reach a more significant portion of your market
  • It increases response rates when advertising – a vanity number is much easier to remember than a local phone number.
  • Vanity numbers have proven to increase customer response rates
  • It is an excellent way for prospects to remember your phone number while also remembering your brand
  • It can help generate more business by increasing word-of-mouth advertising
  • It creates customer recognition and credibility
  • Creates instant brand recognition

Suppose you provide services or products nationally and can speak to the masses during radio or television interviews. In that case, you want most of what you say to be remembered by the audience, including your phone number.

During a media interview, deciding to mention a vanity phone number or a local number can make the difference between increased sales and no sales on any given day.

Some companies have built million-dollar brands around their vanity number. There is enormous value in having a vanity number associated with your business.

Your vanity number should also be included on all your marketing materials, including your business card – anything you use to market your business should include your vanity number. It is an extension of your brand.

Because vanity numbers are so popular, finding the right one can be challenging.

Here are a few tips to consider when getting a vanity number:

  • Ensure that the number you choose is relevant to your type of business or industry and easy to remember.
  • Make the number simple and easy to remember.
  • Find a service that can provide your combination of numbers and letters and competitive pricing.
  • Once you identify and find the number you want, reserve it so that you can secure it for your business.
  • Since many of the 1-800 numbers you like may have already been taken, consider using 866, 877, 888, or 855.
  • Avoid combining letters and numbers (or hybrid numbers) such as 1-800-483-TOWN. Most viewers or listeners won’t remember “483” and will become confused. A confused prospect is a lost business opportunity. Instead, try to use all letters.
  • Try to include a specific benefit in the number, such as 1-800-LESS-TAX.

It may take some creative thinking and a few attempts, but when searching for the best vanity number for your business, try to create a number that stands out yet has a tie-in to what you do in your industry. Make sure you have several options in mind when choosing a vanity number, just in case one is unavailable. It may be the difference between more, a few, or no leads.

Here’s to your branding success.

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