Brand Your Company During Media Interviews

Have you ever watched or heard someone do a television or radio interview and after the interview, you couldn’t remember the phone number even though you were interested in learning more about their product or service?

I have had that experience on numerous occasions.

If you can’t easily remember their contact information, it becomes a lost sale for them. As a business owner, you should put yourself in that same position. When doing media interviews, wouldn’t you want your listeners or viewers to easily recall your contact information?

A vanity or toll-free number is a combination of letters that represents or defines a company’s identity or brand and because it is a very effective marketing technique, these “phone words” should reflect your brand or a description of your brand or identity as closely as possible.

Vanity numbers are worth their weight in gold. Having a vanity phone number has several benefits for your business:

  • It increases your chances of getting more leads because the call is free to your customer.
  • It’s a highly effective marketing technique that enhances your professional image and becomes an extension of your brand. It leaves a lasting impression.
  • It can help you reach a larger portion of your market
  • It increases response rates when advertising – a vanity number is much easier to remember than a local phone number.
  • Vanity numbers have been proven to increase customer response rates
  • It is a great way for prospects to remember your phone number while also remembering your brand
  • It can help generate more business by increasing word of mouth advertising
  • It creates customer recognition and credibility
  • Creates instant brand recognition

If you provide services or products on a national level and you have the opportunity to speak to the masses during radio or television interviews, you want most of what you say to be remembered by the audience, and that includes your phone number.

During a media interview, decided to mention a vanity phone number or a local number can make the difference between increased sales and no sales on any given day.

Here are some examples of good vanity numbers:

Company Name or Description Sample Vanity Number
2 To Tango 1-800-GO-TANGO
Insurance Services 1-800-INSURES
Tax Preparation 1-800-LESS-TAX
Fitness Instructor 1-800-GET-TRIM

Some companies have built million brands around their vanity number. There is huge value in having a vanity number associated with your business.

Here is a couple to mention:

Company Name Vanity Number
1-800 Flowers 1-800-FLOWERS
Verizon 1-800-VERIZON
FedEx 1-800-GO-FEDEX

When doing media interviews, it is important to have a phone number that your audience can remember and can associate with your brand. You can easily mention your vanity number in your media interviews.

Your vanity number should also be included on all of your marketing materials including on your business card – anything you use to market your business, you should include your vanity number on it. It is an extension of your brand.

Because vanity numbers are so popular, it can be a little challenging to find just the right one.

Here are a few tips to consider when getting a vanity number:

  • Make sure that the number you are choosing is relevant to your type of business or industry and easy to remember.
  • Make the number simple and easy to remember
  • Find a service that can provide your combination of numbers and letters as well as competitive pricing.
  • Once you identify and find the number you want, reserve it so that you can secure it for your business.
  • Since many of the 1-800 numbers may have already been taken, consider using 866, 877, 888, or 855 version.
  • Try to avoid using a combination of letters and numbers (or hybrid numbers) such as 1-800-483-TOWN. Most viewers or listeners won’t remember “483” and they’ll become confused. A confused prospect is a lost business opportunity. Instead, try to use all letters.
  • Try to include a specific benefit in the number, such as 1-800-LESS-TAX.

Here are a few resources you can research to find a vanity number that works for your business:


It may take some creative thinking and a few attempts but when searching for just the right vanity number for your business, try to create a number that stands out but yet has a tie-in to what you do in your business. Make sure you have several options in mind when choosing a vanity number just in case one of them is not available. It may be the difference between more leads, a few leads or no leads.

Here’s to your branding success.

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