Proven Media Strategies to Help You Win Big!

  • Brand yourself as an authority and build relationships with key influencers and reach a whole new level in your business.
To establish yourself as a leading, credible authority, someone who your customer trusts and wants to buy from, you need to be deliberate and strategic in your pursuit of media opportunities.

No matter what your business is — whether you’re an entrepreneur, business owner, speaker, coach, trainer or subject matter expert…if you’ve been thinking “There must be a simpler, and more stress-free way to take my business to a new level!”

There is!

Imagine sharing your message with thousands of listeners, viewers and readers who are interested in what you have to say and need your support.

Do you want to build an influential brand?

Do you want to establish yourself as a leading, credible authority?

Do you want to know how to create a winning media strategy, get exposure and convert it into profits, while also positively impacting lives?

I currently offer three media coaching options to help you reach your publicity goals.

Media Strategy Session – One Hour

What’s Included:

  • One-time telephone consultation
  • Related to any specific PR topic(s) you wish or help you plan your PR for a launch

What I need from you:

A draft pitch, press release, and/or PR strategy ahead of our call. If you don’t have these things, no worries. We’l1discuss a plan.

What you will receive:

  • Feedback on your content, if appropriate
  • Ideas and suggestions on what media outlets and journalists you should be targeting
  • Contact information for media outlets

Your Investment: $497

Upon payment, you’ll be contacted within 24 hours to book your session.

“Exceptional is the quality of media coaching you get when you hire Monica Davis. I had the privilege of consulting with Coach Davis. In our session, she provided a networking strategy, and identified key social media deliverables. Coach Davis helped me understand what makes me newsworthy and how I can position myself to get noticed. Without any hesitation, I recommend you hire Coach Monica Davis.”

Natascha F. Saunders
Career Coach

Media Strategy Session – Four Hours (Two Sessions)

What’s Included:

  • A four-hour coaching session broken into two two-hour sessions
  • Provide guidance and strategies on how to create amazing publicity opportunities

What you will receive:

  • Two (two-hour) telephone sessions
  • You’ll get clear on your goals: why you want publicity and the end results you desire
  • Identify media outlets that you’d like to be featured in, and those that are aligned with your industry
  • Contact information for journalists and reporters we discuss
  • Appropriate steps to achieve your PR goals over the next 6 months
  • Follow up notes from the discussions

Your Investment: $1,497

Upon payment, you’ll be contacted within 24 hours to book your sessions.

“Monica helped me make the right decisions not only about getting publicity but about my business. Each time we talk I get at actionable points for making a shift in my ability to not only get more media attention but to present my story more powerfully. She helps you focus your publicity directly where it will have the most impact. I highly recommend Monica Davis’ Media Superstar Coaching program.”

Jo Condrill
President, GoalMinds, Inc.

Media Mastery Group Coaching

Are you an entrepreneur starting a business or an existing business owner seeking more media exposure? Do you want to establish yourself as a credible source for solving problems in your field?

As a former television producer and host, journalist and veteran media expert, I can help you go from being unknown to becoming the expert that people recognize, respect and want to do business with, without hiring a PR firm. My goal is to help subject matter experts and entrepreneurs position themselves as go-to experts in their fields and reach greater levels of success, whatever that means to them.

Learn Monica’s Inside “Secrets” to…
Going from Unknown to Becoming a Credible Influencer

Based on her 20 years of experience as a top media expert, Monica Davis has developed a PR Mastery Coaching Program that can help you master PR for your business, equip you with tools and tricks to get more publicity and show you how to grow your business with “secret PR techniques only the top PR pros know” and turn your publicity into profits.

Discover What You Can Do with PR!

Learn the techniques that top PR firms use to get their clients in the spotlight and keep them there!

Having a coach as your accountability partner and mentor helps you overcome the challenges of getting the publicity you want and deserve, to put you ahead of your competition, and supports you in reaching and exceeding your goals.

Coming up through the ranks and working behind the scenes in the media industry as a production assistance then executive producer, and learning how to apply PR to my own business, and becoming an award-winning show host, journalist and publisher, was a long hard road.

My program focuses on:

  • Gaining CLARITY in your business and identifying your WHY
  • How to PREPARE for publicity success
  • Developing and managing an excellent REPUTATION
  • Creating a captivating STORY that incites action in your audience
  • How to CONNECT with the right media
  • How to IMPLEMENT the right strategy to make you irresistible to the media
  • Effective ways to MEASURE your effectiveness as a interview guest
  • How to MAXIMIZE your coverage

This concept will be used throughout the sessions because everything we do in business, leads to one of these points and they all apply to PR. This coaching program is for entrepreneurs who are committed to delving in for two months. I work with you intensively to create a strategic plan that saves you time, money and the frustration of not knowing what steps to take next. Imagine how it would feel to have an accountability partner to help plan your publicity strategy and deal with challenges of:

  • Figuring out what type of stories matter most
  • Figuring out what makes you newsworthy
  • Building relationships with the media
  • Building a reputation that attracts key influencers
  • Effectively positioning your brand in the local and national marketplace

This program includes:

  • An initial 1-hour strategy session which will cover challenges, expectations and goals
  • Weekly 1-hour calls via phone/Skype beginning after the strategy session
  • Final wrap up session after the weekly calls are completed.

The sessions will be scheduled for the same day/time each week. Flexibility may be necessary sometimes but consistency is always better for results. (One-on-one coaching also available)

Here’s what we will accomplish:

  • 8 1-hour telephone sessions
  • Get clear on your PR and business goals and define your “Why” for seeking publicity
  • Learn how to craft and tell your story
  • How to recognize and take advantage of PR opportunities
  • How to manage your reputation
  • How to craft media pitches that get attention
  • How to build relationships that matter
  • Identify publications and other media outlets for your business
  • Identify appropriate steps to achieve your PR goals over the next 6 months
  • Follow up notes for each discussion
  • Media monitoring for 6 months
  • Practice Interview session
  • Interview Critique
  • And much more…

Are you ready to be coached by Monica?

Are you ready to incorporate time-tested and proven PR principles and secrets into your business?

If you’re ready to let the world know who you are by getting media exposure….


“My success rate has been excellent. What I received well exceeded my investment and expectations. Monica answered questions I didn’t even know I had.”

Dr. Laureen Wishom, Business and Career Strategist