Proven Media Strategies and Building Credibility

Building and sustaining a brand, an image, or even just relationships requires you to create trust and credibility—both of which can be found by leveraging the right media opportunities.

And whether you’re leading a startup, an experienced entrepreneur, a public speaker, a personal trainer, or an up-and-coming business coach, you need a smart, effective strategy that propels you to the top.

Media Mastery Group Coaching is a smart, well-designed program to help you engage potential customers, clients, and investors while helping you establish yourself or your brand as a leading, credible authority they can rely on.

Imagine propelling your brand image forward by:

Expanding your reach potential by the thousands

Becoming a trusted, sought-after influencer

Turning exposure into sustainable profits

Creating consistent lead generation through a sound media strategy

Building a stronger, more financially viable business plan

And so much more!

Real Experience, Real Direction

Founded by Monica Davis, a top media expert who has spent 20 years as a television producer, host, and journalist, Media Mastery Group Coaching is designed to help businesses climb out of obscurity and into the spotlight with actionable direction that works.

In fact, you’ll be able to go from total unknown to industry expert, reaching the “well-known” people operating in your field and compelling them to want to do business with you, listen to what you have to say, and pay attention to your goals.

And all without hiring a public relations firm!

This in-depth program will unlock the secrets to becoming a credible influencer by leveraging the secret PR techniques only known by today’s top professionals.

It Starts with Accountability

The biggest reason why Media Mastery Group Coaching is successful is because your coach is both your accountability partner and mentor. We want to help you overcome your current challenges and then build you up quickly, creating public awareness that people can’t stop talking about.

This easy-to-follow, step-by-step system helps you find success by teaching you how to:

Gain business clarity by identifying your “why”

Prepare for publicity success (before, during, and after)

Develop and manage an on and offline reputation

Create an engaging story that inspires your audience

Connects your goals with the right media presence

Implement strategies that make the media seek you

Measure effectiveness as an interview guest

Maximize media coverage and continually build on progress

Long-Term Strategy Sessions

It’s vital that you approach Media Mastery Group Coaching with an open mind and a will to succeed, because we’re not looking to help you achieve flash-in-the-pan success—we’re in it for the long haul.

This program is for those who want to work diligently over two full months, creating intensive strategies and plans that save you time, money, and frustration while helping you gain better control over your publicity; teaching opportunities that help you:

Understanding which stories matter

Determining newsworthy accomplishments

Building strong media relationships

Create a valued and trusted relationship with influencers

Positioning your brand locally and nationally

All-Encompassing Coaching Program

Media Master Group Coaching is for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and people who understand the value of building a strong, customer-facing brand. That’s why it is backed by all the information, tools, tricks, tips, and strategies that you need to take your brand to the top—and with far less stress and effort.

This program also includes:

Initial 1-Hour Strategy Session Discussing Challenges, Expectations, Goals

Weekly 1-Hour Phone Calls/Skype Sessions to Discuss Strategies (x8)

Wrap-Up Session After Weekly Calls

These scheduled sessions are designed to help you better define your “why for seeking publicity, and then pair that with public relations that sets you apart from the crowd.

I’ll teach you how to craft and tell a compelling story that people want to hear, how to leverage that story and take advantage of PR opportunities, how to manage and establish a strong reputation, and then how to continually build on those efforts.

Start today and you’ll also learn how to:

Identify publications and other media outlets for your business

Strategize appropriate steps to achieve PR goals over the next 6 months

Media monitoring services for 6 months

Take advantage of practice interviews

Get critiqued on your personal interviews (practice)

Write and tell your story

And so much more!

Now’s the time to take your brand and your reputation to the next level. Start today and incorporate time-tested and proven PR principles and secrets into your business!


“My success rate has been excellent. What I received well exceeded my investment and expectations. Monica answered questions I didn’t even know I had.”

Dr. Laureen Wishom
Business and Career Strategist

Business Coach William R. Patterson - The Baron Solution Group
“There’s a real advantage to working with Monica because she knows media from both sides; one side as a producer, host and publisher and the other side as a source and subject matter expert. Monica knows how to position your message in a way that it can be heard. And at the same time, she can show you how to monetize your message which is something that few to no publicists do. Monica’s media coaching program goes far beyond what you would get at a traditional publicist or PR firm. If you are serious about growing your business and income and you would like to use media to accelerate that process, I encourage you to use Monica’s Media Superstar and Media Mogul coaching programs.”

William R. Patterson
CEO, The Baron Solution Group

“I highly recommend Monica Davis’ Media Superstar Coaching program. She’s worked with me one-on-one and helped me make the right decisions not only about getting publicity but about my business. Each time we talk I get at least one actionable point for making a shift in my ability to not only get more media attention but to present my story more powerfully.”

Jo Condrill
President, GoalMinds, Inc.


Professional Media Coach and Interviewer

Considered a master interviewer, Monica Davis is an award-winning TV show host and magazine publisher who has interviewed A-List celebrities, political figures, athletes, Fortune 500 CEOs, major non-profit leaders, and extraordinary entrepreneurs, and today’s top business owners. She is an expert media coach and trainer who is helping entrepreneurs, authors, speakers and others transform their lives and businesses using powerful media strategies and principles.