Exceptional Media Publicity Podcast Series

Building a Stronger Brand, Media Presence, and Bottom Line

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, start up business, or owner of an established business, there are a few key marketing strategies that you must learn in order to build strong brand recognition within your customer base and local community.

The Exceptional Media Podcast Series was created to give you an in-depth look at three major areas of publicity that often elude most business owners, but have a profound effect on your overall personal, professional, and financial success.

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These exclusive, publicity-focused podcasts will cover topics that are important to businesses and brands of all sizes, including:

By tuning into these easy-to-follow, extremely relevant guides, you’ll gain some extraordinary insights on how to create publicity and media opportunities, present yourself and your brand with confidence and clarity, and turn each of these moments into a financial benefit.

If you’re interested in establishing a stronger brand, media presence, or financial bottom line, the Exceptional Media Podcast Series is a can’t-miss opportunity to put your best foot forward.

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William R. Patterson

“There’s a real advantage to working with Monica because she knows media from both sides; one side as a producer, host and publisher and the other side as a source and subject matter expert. Monica knows how to position your message in a way that it can be heard. And at the same time, she can show you how to monetize your message which is something that few to no publicists do. I encourage you to use Monica’s Media Superstar course and coaching program to accelerate your business growth and income”

I’ve been through every lesson in her course multiple times and it is one of, if not the most comprehensive media courses I’ve ever seen. Using the strategies that she shared I’ve been able to get featured in Forbes, Black Enterprise, CBS Radio, Business Journal, and news outlets across the country.

I’ve done a lot of interviews but I’ve learn quite a lot throughout the course, that has really put my media strategy on steroids.

William R. Patterson CEO, The Baron Solution Group
Jo Condrill

I highly recommend Monica Davis’ Media Superstar course and her Media Superstar Coaching program. In addition to benefiting greatly from the content of Monica’s course, she’s worked with me one-on-one. She helped me make the right decisions not only about getting publicity but about my business. Each time we talked I got actionable points for making a shift in my ability to not only get more media attention but to present my story more powerfully.

I was able to book two interviews within the first couple of weeks.  One of those interviews included a top radio show host and Fox Business News Gender Expert.  The training you receive through Monica’s course is well worth the investment.

In three words…Go for it!

Jo Condrill President, GoalMinds, Inc.
Natascha F. Saunders

Exceptional is the quality of media coaching you get when you hire Monica Davis. I had the privilege of consulting with Coach Davis regarding on what I can do as a speaker, career coach and consultant to grow my media presence.

In our session, she provided a networking strategy, identified key social media deliverables; helped me to understand what is newsworthy and how I can position myself to get noticed and so much more.

Whoa. That was a powerful 97 minutes and 17 seconds.

I’m blown away. I need to shift the way I think.”

Natascha F. Saunders Career Coach
Scharrell Talley Jackson

“The feedback Monica provided me after my recent interview was extremely invaluable. She has helped me perfect my interviewing technique. Monica mentioned things that I hadn’t thought about and were not aware of. Her insights have helped me take my speaking abilities to a whole new level. Monica is experienced at advising anyone on how to market themselves whether it is verbally, in writing or over the web and I would recommend anyone who wants to enhance their brand to look to her for brand management.”

Scharrell Talley Jackson Partner & Chief Operations and Financial Officer of Squar Milner, Founder, Leadership in Heels
The Honorable Mike Farhat

“Monica helped me get worldwide coverage of my story which lead to my discovering and establishing new partnerships worth millions. I’m forever grateful to her for the impact she’s had on me and my business.”

The Honorable Mike Farhat President, United States Global Partnerships

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