Establish a Stronger Personal Brand Image

One-on-One Interview Coaching and Guidance

Getting interviewed by mainstream journalists, podcasters, or even local news media is a chance for you to spread your message, talk about your brand, or connect with potential customers locally and nationally.

And depending on your aptitude for interviewing, it can lead to a major increase in brand recognition, or backfire dramatically and lose you a ton of potential business.

That’s why you need to be prepared, be confident, and be ready for whatever the interviewer throws your way—especially if you have a tendency to get nervous before they start asking questions.

Prepare for Today, Be Ready for Tomorrow

This exclusive service is an opportunity to learn and grow as a public speaker, presenter, and interviewee through in-depth interview coaching and real-time critiquing.

More importantly, it will help you be prepared for what’s ahead, so you or your business can continue to create strong rapport for those listening, watching, or reading about what you have to offer.

Here are just a few things we’ll focus on during our one-on-one coaching evaluations:

Mental and Emotional Preparation

Overcoming Fear, Anxiety, and Stress

Preparing for Potential Questions or Topics

Connecting with and Engaging an Audience

Improving Interview Techniques and Building Confidence

Learning What to and What Not to Say

And More!

Each Interview is a Stepping Stone

A single interview can change the entire trajectory of your personal or professional brand image. For example, if you don’t have a succinct answer quickly, or give the impression you aren’t 100% confident in your response, people are going to notice.

However, if you’re articulate, careful with your words, and keep responses poignant and brief, that interview could lead to larger, more lucrative potential down the road.

As such, I want to help you cultivate your public brand by boosting your interview potential in three distinct ways:

1. I’ll review and analyze any past interview or appearance to determine structural or functional improvements that need to be made.

2. We’ll conduct a practice interview over the phone to help improve your confidence, delivery, and knowledge base.

3. Together we’ll hone your message and delivery to create stronger, more succinct answers through one-on-one coaching and phone communication.

More importantly, I’ll help you build more natural public speaking confidence, so you can relay what you want to say with improved clarity and consistency.

Get Live, Real-Time Interview Coaching Today!

I don’t want you to struggle through your interview, or call off a potential windfall simply because you’re nervous or lack confidence. Contact me today to discover how I can put you in the driver’s seat to long-term success.

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“The feedback Monica provided me after my recent interview was extremely invaluable. She has helped me perfect my interviewing technique. Monica mentioned things that I hadn’t thought about and were not aware of. Her insights have helped me take my speaking abilities to a whole new level. Monica is experienced at advising anyone on how to market themselves whether it is verbally, in writing or over the web and I would recommend anyone who wants to enhance their brand to look to her for brand management.”

Scharrell Talley Jackson
Partner & Chief Operations and Financial Officer of Squar Milner
Founder, Leadership in Heels


Professional Media Coach and Interviewer

Considered a master interviewer, Monica Davis is an award-winning TV show host and magazine publisher who has interviewed A+ celebrities, political figures, athletes, Fortune 500 CEOs, major non-profit leaders, and extraordinary entrepreneurs, and today’s top business owners.